One on One Sessions

One on One Sessions

It will be my privilege to assist you on your journey towards increased self awareness, self empowerment and self actualization. To assist you in remembering who you are at a soul level.  To reconnect to your inner knowing and allow it to become your compass in your life's unfolding, expression and expansion.  I will provide the support and guidance needed for you to gain clarity into your truth and how it can be fully expressed in your daily life.  While holding a space of non-judgement, openness, gratitude and service,  we will sit down together in a quiet setting and have a relaxed and meaningful conversation.

Exploratory Nature of this Process

  • Look at how you are currently showing up for your life.
  • Acknowledge what's working and what's not.
  • Uncover any blocks to fully expressing yourself and living life from your truth.
  • Increase your awareness into why you make the choices that you do.
  • Identify  and release what no longer serves you (old beliefs, patterns of behavior, identities).
  • Discover what truly resonates with you at a soul level.
  • Remember what brings you joy, which at its core, reveals what you are here to express.
  • Learn how to access and use your intuition (internal guidance system) in your daily life.
  • Create the intentions you would like to see manifested in your life.
  • Learn how to use intuitive discernment when making decisions and taking actions.
  • Reclaim your personal power and learn how to tap into it in every moment.
  • Increase the trust and confidence you have in yourself to stay in alignment with your truth.
  • Begin honoring yourself through acts of self love by choosing your truth in every moment.
  • Progress to feeling empowered, joyful, free, abundant, loved, peaceful and full of gratitude.
  • Begin to create and thrive from a place of integrity, authenticity, abundance and self love.


Compensation Rates

$125 for an hour session

followed up with a written summary for further clarity and guidance

What you can do to ensure the most benefit is gained from your session:

  • make a commitment to your self growth and expansion - honoring your needs
  • know that you are doing something for you - act of self love
  • set aside the uninterrupted time for you - setting healthy boundaries
  • come with an open heart and mind - to learn more about the authentic you
  • create an intention to receive - self nurturance/ giving to your self
  • know that what comes forth is ultimately for your highest good - all comes from You
  • you are ultimately responsible for your life and happiness - self empowerment