Gina McCants​

My name is Gina McCants and I have a desire to share my intuitive empath, claircognizant abilities with those seeking to know themselves at a deeper, more authentic level.  It brings me tremendous joy to provide support and guidance to those wanting to express their authentic selves in all facets of their life. I am a life learner and seeker of any knowledge that increases my level of self awareness and self actualization and how I can best serve while on this beautiful planet.  I have spent my life volunteering and working with people during times of challenge and transition at home, work, post illness or injury and through many different acute life transitions.  As well as navigating my own life challenges and personal transformations which were all determined to be of great value for me to experience. While working with others, the common theme that rose to the surface for so many was the desire and the pull to not just exist in this life, but to live and thrive in a life filled with love, joy, abundance and peace.  I believe  that vision starts with getting to know yourself and discovering what truly resonates with you at a soul level and expressing that truth throughout  your life.  There is only one, unique, beautiful you and no one can live your life for you, but you.  So what is your truth and is it currently being actualized and expressed in your life?  If not, I may be of assistance to you on your journey of discovery.  Your uniqueness is a blessing to us all and is much needed in this world, so please share it!